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Project: This is Holland

Our first investment project is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and is named “This is Holland” ( The ‘This is Holland’ ride focuses on how water is the element that made The Netherlands to the small, unique country they are.

The educational value and quality of the experience is reinforced and underlined by our strong strategic partnership with UNESCO World Heritage, since the world heritage sites are a key part of the experience.

A country below sea level

Flying like a bird, you get an overview of how the Netherlands was created. You learn about the people who weren’t deterred by all the water. Using mounds, dikes, windmills and polders, they succeeded in reclaiming land from the sea, creating this extraordinary country below sea level.
You’ll forget that you’re in Amsterdam and feel as though you’re really flying over the Dutch landscape. Breathtakingly beautiful filming will give you a spectacular aerial perspective. Thanks to the astonishing special effects projected on a huge domed screen, you’ll feel like you’re flying over the country’s must-sees.

The wind in your hair

During the 9-minute long film that takes you on a breath taking journey along many beautiful places across the country, your seat will tilt to give you the sensation of flying. With atmospheric effects like wind, mist and smells, you’ll feel like you’re flying through the air, crossing dikes and braving storms. The Netherlands is particularly interesting to experience from the air because you get a good picture of its unique flat patchwork quilt landscape and of the hard work invested in it. Will you fly with us?

Would you like more information?

After the flight experience, take a moment to relax in our Holland lounge, where you can find out more about the sights you’ve flown over.



Overhoeksplein 51
1031 KS Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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