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The experience

The goal of the “This is” attraction is to introduce and connect visitors with the city, state or country they are visiting and letting them experience this story in an extraordinary way. This is done by means of the I-ride Flying Theatre, which is highly agile with its 6 DOF (Degrees of Freedom) motion. The I-ride offers realistic special effects such as wind, water and scent. Multiple pre and post shows enhance the experience to tell a complete story from the moment guests enter the building to the moment they leave.

With this overall storytelling spread across interactive and engaging pre and post shows, the attraction does not just entertain but also educates the audience.

With exciting experience design, storytelling, high quality content and the excitement of the I-ride Flying Theatre, the attraction offers an experience that is suitable for all ages (102cm and up).


The attraction offers additional value to its location. It drives new traffic, offers a unique and above all new experience and is suitable for all ages and target audiences. The attraction focuses on both the tourist and local market, including school groups (for which a special program is available).

The “This is” product offers an investment in your city of at least 13 million euros (without real estate) and a job potential in the tourism industry of at least 30 FTE’s. The attraction is designed and built for a lifespan of at least 15 years.

Real flight experience with wind, movement and scent
See your city or state up close from a unique perspective
Up to 40 people can enjoy the ride in a modern 3d movement chair system
High resolution breathtaking video content
Exclusive footage of areas never seen from above
Partnership with several nature organizations
A complete one hour experience with a variety of pre and post shows

Overhoeksplein 51
1031 KS Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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